Welcome to the Embassy Consular -Corner where we have, and continue to design to improve client accessibility to valuable visa prerequisites and forms whether a patient, government official, tourist or business people. We try to offer a range of information on how and where to apply visas to assist in streamlining visa processing to save time and unnecessary expenses. However, we still encourage our applicants to directly inquire through respective country websites for new updates of visa requirements and forms before submissions. 
       Please note that all applicants submitting their requests through the Embassy for processing shall be subject to appliedadministrative fees and visa processing fees separate from any fees required by the Country your applying for. It is also important to note that some Embassies which are not accredited to Palau through Manila, may not be accepted or may take longer than the usual processing time, and recommend direct submission from Palau to respective Accredited Embassies with assistance from the Ministry of State. 
       There is no visa requirements for individuals traveling to Palau as long as they have a valid passport over six (6) Months and a round-trip airline ticket from the country of origin.

Visitors to Palau

       Restricted Countries 

              "There are only two countries that are considered restricted or will require visa or special entry permits to enter the Republic of Palau due to repeated illegal offenses in the past. You may contact the Embassy or directly to the Palau Ministry of Justice Bureau of Immigration to aquire the list of countries