Trade and Investment

Trade and Invest

       In the Global Community today, trading and investing may come relevantly easy to many emerging Countries, but for Palau in its early age of 20, the challenge is to earn a decent and sustainable living. We welcome you to the Embassy of the Republic of Palau, where we strive to facilitate and connect our viewers with the Country's most accurate and reliable sources of economic data and information designed to cater to the needs of our citizens, international Allies and Investors. The page as we continue to improve, will share with you valuable references derived from relevant Government agencies and accredited international organizations specialized in gathering and processing data for the interest of the general public.


Visit the following links for references
       Bureau of Budget and Planning 
       Observatory of Economic Complexity 
       ADB Opens Development Coordination Office in Palau 
       Palau: Country Operations Business Plan (2015-2017) 
       Palau: Economy 


       FIB Regulations                                                                               Organizations of Palau
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                                                                                                                        Chamber of Commerce

       Foreign Investment Act                                                                             Palau Rotary Club
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                                                                                                                        Palau Fishing Association

       FIAC Basic Requirement 
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